Sunday, December 04, 2011

New Doctor

So, I am going to call another doctor's clinic tomorrow, since I am now out of two clinics, since one is headed by the doctor I am/was seeing now, but since I still haven't heard back even after leaving multiple messages, and since he still wants to treat me like a normal OB patient, and really is showing no interest in why this miscarriage happened, so I don't want him.  Oh, and I called the clinic I was with when I had the girlchild, and they won't let me see a different doctor there, even though it has been almost three years since I saw the doctor that didn't make it to the delivery of the girlchild.

So, if I am able to get with a different doctor, and I have been told a good one at one of the two remaining clinics in town, what should I ask him?  What should I say?  We thought we knew what the problem was, and I have no clue why I miscarried this time.  I took my progesterone.  I want to fight to make sure that they don't just say ok, come in at 8 weeks and we will go from there.  I want someone who cares enough to try to make me have a successful pregnancy.

I really miss the doctor I had when I had the boychild.  I hadn't had him for any of the miscarriages, I was trying to get in to see him when I had the miscarriage before the boychild, and even though I was new to him, he started all the testing, and put me on progesterone, just in case I got pregnant while we were trying to figure out why I was miscarrying, and boom, I got pregnant, and stayed pregnant, with the boychild.  Which was a first for me, obviously.  But he never treated me like a normal OB patient just because I was new to him.  He is in Idaho though.  I need to find a doctor like that.

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