Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thinking of moving

I'm thinking about moving from here to a wordpress account.  I like the idea of going somewhere where I can password protect some posts while keeping some open.  I haven't finished looking into it though.

So.  I saw a new OB.  He is willing to do early ultrasound so we can make sure things look like they are going normal instead of just assuming they are like the last one.  He is all about frequent appointments.  Because I have had 2 live births, unless I continue to miscarry over and over, he doesn't want to do a lot of expensive testing.  He seems really caring.  He is the dr that caught something was wrong with my amniotic fluid and the girlchilds growth and put me on monitoring during her pregnancy when my dr was out of town, so I already knew I liked him.  I hadn't seen him or his nurse since I was pregnant with her, but they remembered me.  So that was nice.

My period started on the day after the day after Christmas.  I was glad it didn't start on Christmas.  It would have sucked, miscarry on Thanksgiving, be reminded by period showing up on Christmas.  So, at least my body was not that rude.  The doctor would like me to wait this month out and start trying next month.  I'm ok with that.  And now that my body is back to working, I am more ok with that.

I feel in limbo.


maryrose larkin said...

Hey--I've been following your blog a LONG time (since before your babies)--please let me know if you move. You don't know me but I like hearing about your life.


Brokenornot said...

I will. I just hate that if I want to just rant for no reason, I have to do it publicly haha. I want the availability to privatize that stuff. :)

maryrose larkin said...

yeah I totally get it. Especially with family :)