Friday, November 11, 2011


Ugh.  I have the flu.  I am running a fever, and feel like death warmed over.  Still pregnant though.  I see the doctor on Monday, and hopefully I can talk him into a sneak peek into my uterus to make sure things are alive in there.  The husband thinks that everything should be fine since I had successful pregnancies the last two times, but I still think about the uterus of death from before that.  I haven't been able to relax.  He's telling the world though.

I've chosen to take a really low dose of the medicine to sleep, it's been ok'd by my mental health and my OB, but I've also chosen not to take the bipolar medicine.  While the mental health doctor put me on what is considered the safest for pregnancy bipolar medicine, and the OB said it was ok, it has a risk of cleft palate in the first trimester, and I won't risk that.  After the 1st trimester we can revisit it.

My aunt has made it through the first round of chemo and we'll hear from the doctor next week.

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