Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I had my OB appointment yesterday.  It went like this:

He walked in, shook my hand, asked how I was.  i told him I was fine, scared that there wasn't a live baby in me, and that I really needed reassurance.

He asked if I was bleeding, I said no.

He ran down the list of pregnancy symptoms, after saying he figured I knew them all, then said ok, we will do an ultrasound in two weeks, see you then, and walked out.

That was it.

So, no reassurance.

Most surprising, I didn't have to drop my pants.  I've never had a dr not at least check during the first OB appointment.  And I have had 8 first appointments from pregnancy.

The husband keeps telling me to stop stressing and just assume that the baby is fine.

I say I have had more losses than live births.  I am not ready to just believe again.

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Cinderella said...

WTF? That is appalling! He didn't even listen with a stethescope to check for a heartbeat???

Get rid of that douche bag and find someone else.