Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh yeah

Oh, and the boychild threw up everywhere on Friday while we were gone, the babysitter had to deal with it.  Then on Monday night the girlchild got sick and threw up all night.  Then my husband got sick.  Then my babysitter got sick.  I have not made it to school this week, due to everyone having the stomach flu.

The husbands exwife and mother of his other children had gastric bypass a couple of weeks ago.  She ended up with complications, and was airlifted to the hospital and put into emergency surgery last night.  She has peritonitis.  She has never been one to follow rules, and I have a bad feeling this was caused by eating more than she should have, since that can happen.  I got lucky, I had no really bad things other than dying on the table happen to me when I had my gastric bypass.  So, we got hate messages and phone calls from his mother and sister this morning, because we hadn't told them.  We didn't know.  Then they slammed him for not going over to Idaho to get the kids.  They are with their aunt, and they don't need to be ripped away and come here to Oregon.  Then when we tried to actually get ahold of someone, because his exwife doesn't have a phone or a computer, and getting ahold of the kids is impossible on a good day, we ended up talking to the exwifes best friend.  Who hates my husband.  So she wouldn't tell my husband where his kids were, slammed him for his parenting, and just went off and off and off.  We have some problems with the kids and with the exwife, the biggest being that the kids don't want to have anything to do with my husband.  he tries, he calls, he goes and visits, he tries to get them to come here, nothing works.  His exwife loves to make hateful comments to them about him all the time.  So, when we went to, we took his eldest son, who comes and visits us every year, calls us, etc.  His other kids think we should take them.  I may be cold, but I don't thing they deserve it, to be honest.  They are also slamming him all the time for all the things he does with me and the kids, and how much money gets spent, even though except for trips to, a lot of money isn't spent on our trips, but the money spent isn't taking away from his other kids, its my money that gets spent.  Ok, end rant.

So, we can add that in to what is going on right now with our lives.

I'm done.

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Cinderella11pm said...

Oh, Brokenornot, that is all very rough. My empathy, useless as it is, but I feel for you and what you are going through.