Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is my hand.  I have 2nd/3rd degree burns on my hand.  Note to self and any readers, do not pick up metal handle on pan lid that has been roasting in the oven.  If you do, do not feel silly going to the ER, especially if where you have burned is numb and does not hurt.  It is not a good sign.

Ok, enough about me, and it really sucks typing one handed, but here goes.

My aunt has a rare, severe, and very aggressive form of cancer.  It appears to have started in her lung, and there is a large tumor there, and it has moved to her liver, adrenal glands, lymph nodes, and of course, her brain.  The spots they thought were MS are actually more cancer.  They are going to treat it aggressively with chemo, and if successful, she may have a year to live.  If they weren't going to fight it, she would have 1-4 weeks.

I haven't had my bloodwork done, it was to be done on my 23rd CD, but I wasn't able to go with what has been going on.

I will type more in 24 hours, when I get my hand back.

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Cinderella said...

Oh no. You poor thing. My huge empathy. How much more can one person endure? You've had a serious suck eggs month.

And I am so sorry about your Aunt.
Prayers for her to have some good days in this year she has left. Chemo is rough, to put it mildly.
Oh my heart just goes out to you both.