Monday, August 08, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

I'm still waiting to see what my body plans on doing.  We are almost 3 weeks out from having the IUD removed.  A week after it was removed, I started bleeding, and it was a combination of old and new.  With it came the intense nipple pain that I only get at that time if the month, or if I was pregnant.  Pretty sure it wasn't pregnancy, since I had just had the IUD out, and when the bleeding stopped, so did the sensitivity.

Fast forward to this week.  Again, I am bleeding, as of today, and it is bright red.  The husband and I had a bit more of a night last night, I know, TMI, but I am wondering if the extra loving didn't shake something up and make me bleed more?  Or if my body is still trying to figure out what I did to it.   I am waiting for the 1 month mark so I can cross it off and then I will have only two more months to get pregnant before we bring out the Cl.omid. 

I wish my body was easier to read this time around.  Almost 4 years without my monthly cycle makes me forget what having one is like, and how to keep track of the dang thing.

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