Saturday, August 06, 2011

In Seattle

I realized that I need to go back to my roots, and not just post here when I have something to talk about fertility related.  I remember back when I started blogging, and I blogged everything.  So, this is going to be my journey to become a mom, again, plus my life in general.

We are in Seattle right now for SeaFair.  The husband loves going, I hate it.  Every year that we come up here to go, I get out of it by saying that he needs to just have some one on one time with the boychild.  This year, the girlchild is old enough to go, and so now we are all going.  I haven't gone since before my gastric bypass, so that is saying alot.  It's been 8 years.

As usual when I come to town, I threw out a hey we're in town, you wanna see the kids to my inlaws.  And again, it turned into a big nasty argument.  Essentially I asked, hey, wanna get together, they snarked about me quite a bit in the response, I posted on FB that I hate my inlaws, who actually have me blocked on FB, so it should be a safe place for me to vent about them.  Anyhow, the next day, we finalized plans to meet up, and as soon as I sent the message saying see you tomorrow, my SIL sent me a huge hate filled letter letting me know we weren't welcome, due to my email to her, and my FB posting (my settings apparently weren't private enough, they made a fake account to scour my page).  My letter to her wasn't that bad, it said plain and simple that we may not like each other, but we need to keep the grudgeholding to our selves and put the kids first.  So, my BIL opened his house to us, we went and brought lunch and he got to see the kids.  He was visiting with my SIL when he said he was letting us come by, and she kicked him out of her house.  My MIL showed up, but only for 10 minutes, and she kept throwing verbal attacks at us, and also let us know that she was taking precious time out of her busy schedule to see the kids.  Yeah, I am done making the effort.  The only reason I made such an effort this time was we were already going to be in the area.  I did push out the fact, in person and in emails, that we were trying for another baby, so that they wouldn't be surprised.

So, that has been my only negative in this whole trip.  Today we go to SeaFair, and enjoy ourselves.  I will have pictures later.

Much love.

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