Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say no to old flames

First - I'm going to start with the pregnancy stuff.  I got the IUD taken out a week ago, today I am spotting red blood and my nipples are killing me.  I'm thinking that will make today CD1, and that I should be having a full blown period soon.  I can hope, because then I get to start having a timeline.  A timeline is good.  It will save me money peeing on sticks.

Second.  When they say don't make friends with old flames on social meadia, listen.  I have been talking to my high school sweetheart, and while we are both in serious serious relationships, me being with the husband, him planning on marrying the girl he's with now, the memories, they feel good.  The problem comes when what ifs get asked.

We have a lot of what ifs.  We met again when the husband and I got divorced.  And the sexual spark was there.  He had just started a relationship with someone and we didn't act on it.  He has told me that he never saw me again after that day because he would have acted on it.  Trust me when I say we are not meeting up anytime soon.

I have never had the urge to misbehave in my marriage.  So a what if in my mind is almost as bad as being somewhat emotionally unfaithful.  And yet, I can't stop myself from talking to him.  It's enjoyable.

It would have been easier just to never have talked at all.


Anonymous said...

You should NOT be talking in any form whatsoever if you want to keep your marriage intact. This already IS cheating. Keep your heart (emotions) only for your husband. You'll not regret it.

Brokenornot said...

We stopped talking. Completely. It was really the best thing, though the what ifs only lasted the first week. I think it was more the memories than anything else. And my husband read all of the messages, so I'm not too worried there either.