Monday, July 18, 2011

This week

It's a busy week here.  Tomorrow I have my bladder scan, yay.  I get to find out if anything serious is wrong in there.  I'll probably be put on antibiotics too, since I think I already have another infection, boo.

Then Wednesday is my iron transfusion.  Normally this happens on Saturdays, but this Saturday I sat outside in the rain watching a parade.  It never rains on the third weekend in July, this was rare, and it sucked.

Thursday I get to go in, have a pap smear, get my IUD yanked, talk about progesterone supplementation,  and maybe even talk about what to do if I have trouble conceiving.  Yes, my daughter was conceived with just one bang, since it was the only time we banged that month, being as how we are/were divorced, and I really at that time had no intention of banging, it just, well, happened.  May we get that lucky, that it is that easy this time.

Friday we will hopefully be camping.

I don't know if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I got a job.  I will be doing Software IT for the branch of our local community college here in town.  The main campus is 30 minutes away, I get to work at the satellite campus in the town I live in.  It starts in September, and is only 18 hours a week, but its perfect for me.

I am staying caught up on my homework, except for my accounting class, where we had a test that no one was able to take, because it wouldn't open at home and said that the home computer was not a valid testing site, and since the teacher never said we had to go to campus to take our tests, most of us just wrote him and hoped for the best.  He didn't respond to anyone and now the midterm is closed.  If I don't pass because of this, I will be complaining above his head.

So.  Like I said, busy week.  Then we have a weekend to play with, and then my honey has to go get his hemorrhoids banded.  I'll feel sorry for him, a little bit, simply because I know what it feels like to have your bottom hurt.  I spent 2 years with extreme take a lot of pain pills pain due to bottom issues, and finally surgery fixed it.  But, his surgery means that our summer has no choice but to take a break until he heals.  good thing we have a kiddie pool to swim in, because I doubt we are going to the lake.

Enjoy your week.  I'll be updating after my appointments.

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