Thursday, July 21, 2011

All systems go

The IUD is out.  I talked to the doctor and he is fabulous.  He knows about my previous losses and he is cool with just prescribing the progesterone, and he is cool with using the compound suppository, which is what I wanted.

He talked to me about going off my medications, and he said that the serequel, if my bipolar goes out of control going off of it, that I can go back on it and not hurt the baby.  Everything else needs to be weaned off.

If I am not pregnant in three months, he will put me on Clo.mid.  He knows that I have PCOS.

I am to up my folic acid, and continue to take my prenatals.

He was in and out of my business right away, and we talked about my trip to Disneyland the whole time, and I didn't even really notice when he took the IUD out, it hurt, like a pinch, but I was paying attention to other things so I wasn't tensed up.

I think that this doctor will be a good choice.  After all my bad doctor experiences, I went with my best friends OB and he delivered all three of her kids and she loved him.  I loved the fact that I pretty much laid out my plan off attack for getting pregnant, and he agreed with it, and he went right into my concerns about ovulation, even though they may be completely unfounded.  I haven't had a period since the month before I got pregnant with the girl, but I have also had the M.irena IUD.  They said they aren't sure when my period will come back.

So, now it's just a matter of getting to it and waiting.

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