Monday, July 11, 2011

My bladder

(Warning, talks about bladder health and at the last paragraph, anal fissures and fistulas.  Not graphically, but it is there.)

So, every month, like clockwork, I get an infection.  It either goes to my kidneys or my bladder, and last year I was hospitalized because of it.  E-coli.  Dreaded nasty virus that seems to really like living in me.

So, I went to a urologist.  And from them, I found out a few things.  One, I do not keep the infection, I seem to actually get rid of it after every round of antibiotics.  This is a good and bad thing.  It's a good thing, because they won't want to keep me on low grade antibiotics all the time.  I still end up on antibiotics every month, but we're working on finding out the cause.

So, the bad news.  I could have an inflamed bladder that is sick and likes to have infections.  Or, I could have a bladder that is collapsing onto my uterus or vagina.  Which means surgery.  I have the testing done to find out if it's either of those problems on the 19th.  If its a collapsed bladder, then I will put off surgery until after I have a child.  I have looked it up, and if that is what it is, then they may have to push the uterus up several times until about 18 weeks, when the baby is big enough to stop falling through the pelvic cavity.  I think that's what I read, anyhow.  Essentially, it was make sure your dr knows, and that surgery before pregnancy usually means you have to have it again, because pregnancy and labor are a big part of causing it.

If my bladder is infected, I don't know what they are going to do, and I may have to put off my IUD removal plans, though I made the appointment anyhow.  They will be putting a camera through my urethra and into my bladder.  That will not be a fun experience, I tell you what.  I should be used to this from the testing before I had Aiden, but I am tired of having things poked at me.  After last year, and the four surgeries I had on my hiney, I am ready for a bit of normalcy.

So, that's my big thing for week after this.  Hopefully all goes well with the bladder exam, the urologist says go for it pregnancy wise, and then on the 21st, the IUD gets removed.  Of course, I don't know how much of a chance that I will have of getting pregnant anytime after that, as the male part of my pregnancy plans is having his hemorrhoids banded on the 26th.  After 2 anal fissures and 1 anal fistula that caused me to have a drainage tube down there for three months and then the surgery to take it out and sew everything up, I do not feel sorry for him.  Well, not much.

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