Monday, October 03, 2011

Over for this month

Well, my period started early this month.  At least it saved me money on peeing on more sticks.  I had a feeling it was coming, my nipples lost all their sensitivity today.

School starting this week.  It has been rough getting back into it.  Especially with how much work has been working me.

Tomorrow the husband and I are going on a date night.  My mom is babysitting.  It has been a really really long time since I have had a date night.  It won't end the way my husband was hoping because of the whole time of the month thing, but at least we will have a good dinner and be able to watch a movie in the theater without being interrupted because someone can't sit still, stop talking, or has to go potty.  We are thinking about trying a new restaurant, one we haven't tried because we don't want to take the kids in.  A grown up restaurant.

So, last week I had two jobs.  I hadn't started the second job yet, but I was supposed to start today.  After last week, midway through the week, while looking at all my homework, and the amount of hours I was working at the other job, I realized that I couldn't do it all, and if I tried, my kids would lose.  Because I would be at school or one of the two jobs.  I wouldn't see the kids at all, probably not even to say goodnight, and when I would be at home, I would be fighting to try to get homework done.  So, I quit the job I hadn't started yet.  I felt bad, but in the long run, my kids are more important than anything else.

I have a question.  It comes somewhere in the story.  So, I have mentioned the problems I had with this job the last time I worked it.  This time has been different, and awesome, and I have loved it.  Last week I got in an argument with one of my supervisors, because I had asked for the book that we use to request time off in, and none of the managers would get it for me, and I even came in when I wasn't working to try to get it, and the manager on shift that day told me that she would just make sure I was in the book, not to worry.  So I trusted her.  Then when the manager who actually puts the schedule together came in, I checked to make sure I was in the book for the Saturday I needed.  Because my family was throwing a party for my little brother, and I was hosting the party and making the food (the weirdo wants grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I told him no limitations on what he wanted, and that was what he chose.  Silly boy) and I needed the day off.  She informed me I wasn't int he book, and told me too bad, too many people wanted it off, I wasn't going to get it off.  I said ok, and then headed to the bathroom to control my emotions, because I get this from my mom, when I get pissed off, I cry.  I can't help it, I can't seem to control it, I just cry.  So, I get control, go back to work, and the manager sneers at me, and told me she couldn't believe I was crying over this.  At which point I lost it, and yelled at her, yelled about how no one would get me the book, how I was told not to worry, it was taken care of, and then I started going off about the fact that they owed me still for hours that were left off my paycheck, and how no one had dealt with it yet, it had been almost a week since payday, and since I told them of the discrepancy on payday, I really figured someone would take care of it, especially since I was told that I would get a fixed check on Monday and it was already Wednesday.  She told me she wasn't talking to me until I calmed down, and walked off.  When we finally talked, she gave me the day off, and made sure that the paycheck thing was taken care of, and told me to come get the check the next day, Thursday.  Which I agreed to come in and work, which was my day off, at 5am.

So, I worked Thursday, my day off, and then I came in after I got out of school, and no check.  Now, this is the very end of the wait for our school money and what I had gotten from my check went to bills, and we were really really hurting for simple things like bread, butter, you know, the basics that you really need in order to make food.  I didn't know how to keep trying to make food for the kids since I had nothing to make for them.  So, the main manager of work gave me 20 dollars to pay back on Friday, when the check would be there, promise.  Yay for butter.

Then, Friday, I was doing my homework, since it was my day off, and I had to have all my homework done between Saturday and Sunday night.  I got called into work.  I worked, and my check came in.  At which point I went to my main manager in tears, again, and told him that I couldn't pay him back, as they took a little over a hundred out in taxes (WTH, right?) and I only got 8 dollars.  So, he took that check back, and had it voided, and a new check issued.  Which ended up being 111 dollars.  Sigh.  While I was working on Friday, I felt a small tug in my back muscles, and knew I was in a bit of trouble, but ignored it.

Saturday I went to my sons soccer game, which has another story about a manager, but this is ling enough as it is, so I'll leave that to another time, and then we ran into work, grabbed food for everyone, since my mom, who is here visiting, promised the kids food, and then we had to run to town.  On the way back, I turned back to look at the girl child, who was sitting behind me in the car, who was mouthing words silently while she was sleeping.  And my back spasmed, and then boom, I couldn't move it at all.  I ended up in the ER right away, because I had to work at 4, and since I couldn't move, I didn't know how I was going to work.  Now, here is a quick aside.  Since I have started at this job I have covered5 shifts.  I have worked almost all of my days off.  I missed 1 day of work, because I was throwing up, but I showed up to work, and tried to work, because I started getting sick too late to call in by their rules.  They sent me home.  I have been a great worker, like I said, taking shifts, learning everything, doing what I am told, and trying to be the best employee I can.  I called from the ER right away, before they had even seen me, to make sure they knew I was in trouble.  I was immediately informed that if I didn't bring in a doctors note, I would be written up.  Now, I know of lots of people who have either called in right before shift or even just not showed up, and I have yet to hear of anyone being written up, and this is a very gossip filled work place.  I have worked the shifts of people who didn't show up.  And not heard a word about them being written up, and have seen them in work later.  So, to hear them threaten me was a bit of a shock.  I told them no problem, I was seriously in the ER, getting a doctors not would not be a hard task.   So, why do you think I was threatened with a write up?  The manager who threatened me was the one I fought with about Saturday and the paycheck.  I have not shown a history of being undependable, or calling in, or anything else.  I have filled all shifts I have been asked to fill.

As it turned out, they didn't give me anything for the back because we didn't know if I was pregnant or not, which now I think sucks, because I'm not, and dude, I could have been in a ton less pain if we had known that already.  And they also told me I couldn't go back to work for 3 days, because I had pulled a muscle, really badly.  So, not only did I give my job a note, but I let them know I couldn't work for 3 days I was supposed to work.  Apparently some force out there decided I needed a day off, or 3, to make up for my lack of time off.  They wanted me to come work today, which was either day 2 or day three of taking off depending on whether you took Saturday into account or not.  I told them no, I was seeing a chiropractor and that it still hurt.

So, do you think I should have been threatened with a write up?

I go back to work on Wednesday, and I will go back to being the best employee that I can be.

Sorry for the length, words just decided to come pouring out of me.

The manager at the soccer game, I knew didn't like me. She didn't like me last time I was there.  So, she always treats me with barely hidden disgust at work.  She was sitting next to me and my family at our sons soccer game on Saturday.  Her boy was on the opposite team as mine.  I smiled at her when I saw her, before I knew what team her boy was on, and I was getting ready to say hi, and make a bit of small talk when she, without returning the smile, turned away like I didn't exist.  She ignored me the entire game.  When her barely walking child toddled over to me, and I commented on him, she ignored that too.  My family was all, oh, she doesn't like you much, does she.  I'm like, nope, not at all.  She is hell to work with too.  Luckily most of the other managers like me.  Except for her and the one who threatened me with writing me up.  Those two managers are also the only ones who put me to work cleaning.  If I work with any other manager, I am put up front, working the registers, talking to customers, learning drive through.  With those two I am nothing more than the person who cleans the restaurant.  When they called me in on Friday, I thought oh, they need me, this will be fine, but no, they worked me in the lobby, which was already clean, which meant I had to work hard just to keep myself looking busy.  Which kind of pissed me off, because I could have been doing my homework.  Yes, it now is good because I missed my hours on Saturday, Sunday and today, but at the time, all I could think of was that I wasn't exactly needed and my homework needed me, haha.

See, I have a sickness.  It's a typing sickness.  I am hitting publish now before I type anymore.


Cinderella said...

I don't think you should have been threatened with a write up.

What a horrible week. My empathy.
How does your back feel today?

Brokenornot said...

My back is better now. I got a massage today and it helped alot.