Sunday, October 09, 2011

Customer Service

So, I ordered a Panini Press from  I paid a whole lot extra to have it shipped 1 day.  I then found the same panini press at Costco for 30 dollars less, plus less all the cost of shipping.  I thought, oh well, I like working with, so I wasn't going to complain, much.  So, cue today and Fed Ex doesn't show up.  We get ahold of Fed Ex, and they say the driver came by, but couldn't find out apartment, couldn't find any apartment higher than 9.  Now, this is obviously a large complex, with 30 some apartments.  Also, you have to walk past my apartment to get to apartment 9, mine being 15, and you walk past 13 and 11 as well.  Also, you walk past mine to get back to the truck.  The truck that we would have heard show up.  The truck that would have parked almost right next to my front door, as I am the first apartment from the driveway.  The FedEx truck that never actually came here.  They let us know that the driver searched, yeah right, and that if we wanted our package, we would have to rush to Springfield to pick it up.  So, I called, and canceled my order, so I will get a refund in 10-15 days, when they get the package back.  I told FedEx that I was denying delivery.  I also insisted on my shipping fee back.  I had also paid for Amazon Prime, to help with my delivery costs, because I would rather get something if I have to pay so much for one day delivery.  I made them refund me that as well, since I would not have ordered it if not for trying to get this panini press.  So, Amazon was wonderful, they refunded the 80 dollars for the Amazon prime, they refunded my shipping costs, and like I said, they are going to refund my purchase price when they get it back.  FedEx told me they were sorry for my issues, but that they are sure a driver wouldn't lie about showing up.  I told them I would take a video from the driveway of our complex, past my apartment, to apartment 9, and then ask them to show me how the driver could have missed my apartment.  So, unless a company gives me no choice, I will not use FedEx again.  However, I will use as much as I need to.  They were wonderful.  Now I need to go to Costco to buy me a panini press.

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Cinderella11pm said...

Glad treated you right.

Did you find your panini press at Costco for a good price?