Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Ok. Proof positive today that it is not my month.

So. I have my job at the college starting sometime this month, maybe, because I haven't heard from them. It's 15 hours a week, and it's, well, it's not a guaranteed job after the term is over. It's a test position, and I would have to reapply after the term is over. It also doesn't exist if school is not in session. Needless to say, I have decided that this is not enough. I want a holiday season that has NO WORRIES, and I also want to take my family to Wisconsin this summer to visit my husbands birthplace. I moved him to mine, so now I want to see his.

So, what did I do? I begged for an old job back. I had this job last year, I quit last June, as in June 2010. I quit badly, with tears, and crying, and screaming. It was not a good day, to say the least. I told my old boss, yes, it was not my best moment. Background story coming now.

Ok, so I wanted to get a job so that I could make my trip to Disneyland easier. so, last year I applied at the home of the b.ig m.ac. I figured that this would be a pretty easy job. I'm used to office work, which is also easy for me, but this job was in town, which is hard to do, jobs in town are something you luck into, and it was walking distance to my house. Also it would work around my school hours, it was not a Monday-Friday 9-5 job. So, I applies, and I got the job. I was so excited.

My first day came, and I was told that I needed to clean the lobby. No problem I said. I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned. For 4 hours straight. My mom was visiting that weekend, and she brought the kids in to get ice cream. I was sent to the back as soon as it was noticed that I knew these people, and I was doing dishes right away. Problem for me was that I was in a ton of pain, this was during the year of surgeries. I had an anal fissure, sorry, I know, TMI, and I had had it for a year at this point, but we were finally at surgery point for it. I had already had one surgery at this point, that didn't work, so I was in a ton of pain, popping pain pills like they were candy. I had headaches from all the pain pills, so I was on a new medication for that. That medication affected my bipolar medicine, sending me into a huge low. It all combined to me ending my first day in a crying heap. To my manager. Where I cried that I wasn't expecting to come in and clean, haha. Yeah, that went well. My manager informed me that I was hired to only clean, and to deal with it or quit, but I would not learn any other job there. I sucked it up, and showed up for my next day.

Within my first week, my assistant manager had realized I have anxiety issue, and was threatening me and my job if I didn't supply her with xa.nax. I tried letting my manager know, and she told me that I was lying and that I was not to say anything like that again, unless I wanted to lose my job. So, I cleaned. My manager told me to clean the baseboards, the spot between the walls and the floors, in the bathrooms. She handed me a rag and bottle of cleanser. I cleaned. A few months later, I found out that they have a scrubber on a brush for that job. They had me doing it on my hands and knees. I was confused. No one else was told to be on lobby for their entire shift. No one else was told to do the nasty work in even nastier ways. There were some more problems, and I finally reported them to the main office. The head manager got fired.

I got threatened again, told that if I went to the main office again, I would lose my job. By the same asst manager with the xa.nax problem. If I opened my mouth again, I would be fired. So, I cleaned. I would put my requested hours in the book, and the asst manager would put my hours in opposite, making me have to find people to swap shifts with on a weekly basis. Then I had to have another surgery. I got to work front counter for 2 weeks. I was good at it, but only lunch and dinner. The first day I came back and was off my 2 week surgery notice, they put me on breakfast and I didn't know the screens. I got taken off immediately. Side note here, we had a new manager, who I had tried to talk to, but he was still trying to figure out the dynamics, and since the asst manager that hated me had been there for years and years, it was me against her, and who would believe me, the trouble maker? Anyhow, that day, when I was on breakfast, I had come in to work to discover that the time I had requested off for my finals were the only days I was scheduled. No one would work my shifts. I was panicking. I also had a fever of 102, but they had no one to cover my shift, so I was required to work. This was not the first time I was extremely ill and had to work, but this was a really bad time, still in a lot of pain from surgery, and wanting to pass out from fever. They took me off of the front, and told me to scrub down the lobby until it shined. I lost it. I quit. I quit badly.

As I told the manager yesterday, the one I quit to when I quit, I never made it to my finals. I ended up in the hospital 2 days after I quit, with a fever at almost 105. I was in the hospital for 3 days with e-coli.

So, now that I have typed out all that story, well, I talked to him, and he told me to fill out the application online and call him on Wednesday and he would let me know. So, fingers crossed for me. Yes, this would be two jobs and school. Yes, the husband should get a job. He will, when he is done with his degree. Which will be at the end of this year. I am better at multitasking than he is. I can work and go to school. He wouldn't succeed at that. It is better that he watches the kids. I will be in classes at the same time as he will, so there will be no work scheduled when neither of us is available to watch the kids. My very good friend is watching the girlchild while we are in school. It all works.

Oh, and i forgot to mention. I know and like the asst managers there now. The evil one, well, she threatened another manager, in a text message, so it was proveable, over a boy, that worked under her. She got promptly fired. She was uncovered for who she was. I wouldn't be working for her.

I bet, if I get the job, that I am stuck cleaning the lobby again. I am not in all the pain anymore, I had my last surgery in November, with no sign of it coming back. I should be good. I can do anything.

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Cinderella said...

My empathy to you. That was the hot place times ten to work at.

Hope it will be better this time now that the evil mgr. is gone.

Was a little confused about the comment you left on the children on airplanes post, so asked youi about it there.