Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kidney Stones

Apparently I am a kidney stone producer.  I have my third one right now, but this is the one that has actually hurt me and affected me.  I am on d.eme.rol right now, and I seriously think that it isn't working.  I have to go in a do some lab work on Monday and schedule a CT scan.  Fun, fun.

The girl child turns three on Wednesday.  Yeah, we had her birthday party way early, it was the way that we were able to have family there.  So, Wednesday we are going crabbing, which the kids love, and we're going with my best friend and her family, which we always do, and my other friend, who is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life, which I am loving, since we were best friends from the time I was in 3rd grade with her until I had to move away to another state at the end of 7th grade.  We kept in touch sporadically after that, until and then F.B, and she has had a really rough year, losing the love of her life to a car crash and her mother to a sudden heart attack, and I am so grateful to be here to be there for her.  Well, she has made my summer a whole lot funner, being a part of it, especially talking me into swimming caddy corner in the local lake to pick blackberries.

Yeah, blackberries.  I don't remember if I posted this, but my favorite parts of summer is the lake, and fresh blackberries, I hate frozen ones, even though by the time my story is over, I ended up with a ton of blackberries in my freezer on my good cookie sheet.  So, going and swimming the lake until I was able to get to the blackberries no one picked because you had to swim there to get them, was awesome.  We put a bucket on a flotation lounge raft, and picked berries until it was full.  I am going to make sure to go to the lake one more time, next week, since then school starts, ACK!!

School.  I cannot believe the boychild is in 1st grade.  I know I've posted that before, but I have no clue how to deal with it.  I've been looking at old pictures and videos, and I am just dying, he was so cute when he was a baby.

Ok, I've lost my train of thought, now I am off to lay down and watch trash tv.  Yesterday I watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding all day.  Gotta love marathons when you are sick.

As an end, here is my kids, recording a video for their gramma, being crazy.  It's 12 minutes and both funny and annoying.


Cinderella said...

Kidney stones are supposed to be SO painful - no wonder the "d' stuff doesn't work! My empathy.

I love fredh boysenberries and blackberries. Actually any home grown fruit is awesome, bears no resemblance to hwat you buy in the stores.

Hope they can break up the stones and you'll feel much better soon!

Brokenornot said...


We get all our produce from a local CSA, so everything we eat tastes wonderful and fresh. It also makes my kids eat a whole lot more produce.

Jessica said...

=))) I love you too. And I am glad you have been there for me, I appreciate it more than you know. And I am thrilled I have been able to make your Summer better. Can't wait till wednesday and Crabbing. <3