Saturday, June 16, 2012


He admitted it happened.  They talked about having a baby, moving in together.  I feel ill.  It happened on my couch, in my car, on the front lawn of my apartment complex.  All directly under my nose.  I confronted her about it, all she cared about was if I was going to tell the family.

He admitted it because he ended it, and she threatened to tell.

I feel sick.  He has cheated before, so many times.  This time...  it was family.  That is wrong, in so many ways.


The Redhead said...

omg. I'm so sorry. . . I have no words to even begin to try and comfort you. I know I don't comment often, but when I saw this, it floored me. I could never image what you are feeling (((HUGS)))

Cinderella said...


Please, if it is useful to you, read

What he did is so wrong. What she did is so wrong. Definitely tell the family. Do not cooperate in any dsyfunctional secret keeping to protect them.

Jessica said...