Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy week

So, school started.  I started a new job.  I was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off, then work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  This is all in the first payperiod of the new job, so I was happy, good paycheck.  Then I realized I had a concert I wanted to go to on Friday.  Actually, its a festival, and there were two bands we wanted to see, really really bad.

So, I worked in the lobby cleaning on Friday, which is normal for me, that's what I did last time I worked there.  Then on Sunday, they taught me the front counter and taking orders.  Which was awesome.  I then did lobby on Sunday, and lobby and counter on Monday.  On Sunday and Monday, by two different managers, I was asked to work Tuesday and Wednesday.  I accepted the extra days, hoping that it would help me in trying to not work on Friday.  I put up a note asking to have Friday off, and asking someone to take my shift.  Then, also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, they had me work the grill, which I hated, and on Wednesday, I actually got overwhelmed and had a mini meltdown.  I left work on Wednesday with still having to work on Friday.  On Thursday I was told that the main manager would probably let me have Friday off, and they would call me.  On Friday I showed up, because no call had come through.  The main manager let me have it off.  So, I got to go to the festival.

So, obviously a new attitude towards me at work this time.  Last time there was no cross training, I was never asked to take extra shifts, and had I wanted to take a day off that I was supposed to work, not only would I not have been allowed to find someone to take my shift, but they definitely would not have given it to me off without someone covering it.  It was for lobby, if it hadn't been, I would not have been just given it off, but still.

We had a blast at the festival.  We found another band that we hadn't heard of or seen.  The kids passed out by the end of the night.  I have anxiety issues with big crowds, so it was a bit rough on me as well, but still very enjoyable.  I drank a few glasses of mead, and it made me very tired.  All in all, it was fun though.  I've included some videos of the bands we listened to.

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